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During the years by doing ship chartering, Mr. Kostadinov - the manager of the company established business relations with many charterers, who are actual commodity producers and traders. In addition to  our shipping services, we can arrange purchase the following commodities:


Bulgaria is a grain producing country with annual export of about  2-2.5 mil. MT. The main grain exporting port is Varna. Our company can arrange grain purchase from reputable local exporters.


Russia and Ukraine are the major steam coal and anthracite producers and exporters from Black sea region. Our company has close relations with many reputable exporters and can arrange purchase of  coal and anthracite.

​Road  De-icing  sea salt


Egyptian  road  de-icing sea salt is with high quality, also the location of main loading ports are convenient for all transport directions in Mediterranean and Black seas. The company can arrange purchase of Egyptian  road  de-icing sea salt.


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